Year 1 Phonics Screening Check

The statutory Year 1 Phonics Screening Check will take place this year during the week of 6th June 2022.  Any child not in school that week will be given the check during the following week. The outcome of the check will be reported to you in our end of year school reports.

The attached information pack provides detailed information about phonics and the check itself, and you will be familiar with a lot of our work through the things your child brings home.

The children will do the check with an adult they know well (usually their teacher) and the check will take place in a quiet comfortable setting.  The children will be encouraged to use all the decoding strategies they have been taught in school. 

As we revise and consolidate our phonics learning so far, could you please support your child in the activities they bring home.  Many children will need to use their “phonics arm” for decoding words.  Please ensure they do this. They should know what you mean!  One arm is extended straight out and the other hand is used for tapping this arm to the sounds they say.  For example, when decoding the word “bat” they would tap once for “b” at the top of the arm, tap once for “a” in the middle of the arm and finally tap the bottom of the arm for the sound “t”.  They would then tap this out again and then blend the sounds with a sweep along the arm.

Phonics blending.png

I am also attaching a Phonics Check Practice sheet.  This is taken from past checks and will show you the sort of words you child will be reading.

Many thanks for your support in this and in everything else you do.  We appreciate your support enormously!

Judith Nolan

Assistant Headteacher